ATT Offers iPhone Customers Hugs

Responding to the launch of Verizon???s iPhone, which went on sale today, ATT is offering iPhone users hugs in a campaign to retain its wireless subscribers. Existing customers are able to redeem embraces by extending contracts by two years. New customers can avail themselves of good cry sessions in addition to the hugs.
With no answer for Verizon???s robust network, ATT is hoping that a little TLC might forestall a customer exodus.
???We???re dedicated to making our customers feel better about having an inferior iPhone,??? said David Christopher, the chief marketing officer for mobility and consumer business at ATT. ???We guarantee an empathetic, heartfelt embrace for every iPhone user that feels dejected about being stuck with us. We feel for them. We really do.???
Verizon Wireless started taking pre-orders a week ago. Though they have not divulged sales figures, the company claims that the previous record for first-day phone orders was broken in two hours.
???Na na na na na,??? said Verizon spokesperson Brenda Raney.
Reviews of the new iPhone tout improved connectivity thanks to Verizons reliable network and an improvement on the devices antenna design.
According to the Yankee Group, an analyst firm focusing on mobile technology, the inevitable success of the Verizon smartphone is less a testament to Verizon???s strengths than it is a demonstration of ATT???s weaknesses.
Others disagree. Some experts contend that ATTs disadvantages are overblown.
???Who the hell uses an iPhone to talk on the phone anyway???? said David Kriegel, an analyst at JP Morgan.
If there is consensus around the introduction of the Verizon iPhone it???s that the consumer benefits. Competition will create an atmosphere of one-upmanship out of which new features and promotions will arise.
On that front, sources say that ATT is planning on giving out cupcakes in conjunction with the release of the iPhone 5 over the summer. Verizon has not yet planned beyond basking in the glory of its iPhone.

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